“With the gear you have, the pictures of your holidays must be awesome!”. I have stopped counting all the times I’ve heard this sentence. For me, it’s the opposite. I travel light…photographically speaking! A passport, some cash, a notepad to not “forget” a place I passed by (or when I have a brilliant idea that I absolutely need to write down within the second) and a film camera. Et voil√† !
Why a film camera? Because it allows me to approach photography differently. One thinks a new way when you have a 24 exposures than with a 32 Go memory card. Above all I like what we call “notepad” camera like this Olympus Mju II (I’ll get back o this camera later on a dedicated article). Everything is automatic. Therefore work the compositions is THE key focus, especially as one will only see the results once the film is developed at the lab. This part of the “ritual”, see the result afterwards, is actually my favorite. Discover one’s pictures and remember the associated moments… After all that what is photography stand for, right?


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