“JL was an absolute pleasure to work with. His perspective is uniquely intimate and his artistry unparalleled. We had two weddings (1 in Canada and 1 in the UK) and unfortunately JL was only available for one (the UK). In comparing the images from the two very different days, there is something imbued in his images that makes them more than just a photograph.
I truly cherish not only the images themselves, but the experience of being able to work with such an incredibly talented artist.
For all those nervous about their ‘big day’ know that JL will not only capture the moments that you’ll cherish remembering for a lifetime but his generous spirit and warm personality will help calm the nerves.”


“So I’m one of those people that has a hard time seeing a photo of themselves they don’t want to tear up, burn into a pile of dust, load said dust into a lead molded canon ball and blast into the outer stratosphere. However, after a few minutes of talking with Jean Laurent about the prospect of paying money to have someone follow me around and take thousands of photos of me, I felt strangely ok with it.
After our introduction we knew he was the one we wanted to entrust with documenting our wedding. He is reliable, passionate, and a joy to be around. Our sense of humors matched and his vision for our album was right on track with what me and most importantly, my wife desired. When the day came to do the deed, he was a ghost on set, only seen when needed to be and when it came time for taking photos of the party, he made everyone feel comfortable.
His work speaks for itself. He was truly more than we could ask for. We couldn’t be happier with our decision to hire him and we felt that sentiment the second after we left our first encounter with him. I will hire him again for my next wedding.”


“Planning an elopement in France from Canada in with very little leeway time combined with the stress of finding someone to photograph the event in another country was a bit of a daunting task. We snooped around for photographers who would shoot in Marseille with little notice but more importantly, we were on the hunt for someone non-traditional, creative, expressive and authentic. We found Jean-Laurent. The attraction to his emotive work through his ethereal use of light and colour with his subjects was instantaneous.
JL is easy to communicate with, he’s a consummate professional and is also extremely huggable. We knew we found an idea machine and an exceptional artist, but what we didn’t realize is that he would provide us with more of a photo-documentary, and not just simply beautiful snapshots from our special day. JL is a collector of human moments raw and tender. He used the lens as a painter would to create a string of colour and beauty that told our story in the most intimate and honest way possible for us. When we look at our photos from that lovely day in June, his work reminds us how the eggs tasted in the morning and what was contemplated over coffee, how the dress felt when it slipped over my waist, how our hands felt when interlocked, what dreams we discussed and how the salty sea air smelled. We will be forever grateful for these images. Thank you JL. You are adored.”


“To make a long story short, 8 years after we met and a kid later we decided to get married! Fifteen days later, we were scheduling the date at the city hall: we had a bit more than two months to organize everything…! An even though we had such tight timings, we wanted a nice wedding full of details.
Photos are one of the three things that stays after the wedding day along with the rings and love. A message on the contact form of Jean-Laurent’ site and 10 emails later he came home on a Saturday night. We talked about our wedding, his work but also about a lot of little things. Fr us it was clear: he was our photographer.
When Jean-Laurent tells you that the engagement session is essential, you have t trust his words! Apart from the fact that the photos are awesome, it’s also the moment when JL “teaches” you how to behave in front of the camera. And when he tells you “put your leg under the tree and your hand behind his neck” do it! The result is worth the acrobatics!
And above all, on your wedding day (you will not have as much time as for the engagement session) you can follow him with no apprehension.
On our wedding day JL was perfect: always on the lookout for an emotion, a detail, an unexpected shot… Discreet but there, he contributed to make that day an amazing memory.
The result is simply awesome, our guests were more than impressed and last but not least he is adorable.”


“We have met Jean-Laurent thanks to a friend in July 2012 – in other words a year before our wedding day. A first informal meeting in a bar, a few words about our wedding, on how we were envisioning this day, on how we first met 10 years ago….etc.
And then, after these conversations, Jean-Laurent told us about his work, his perspective on life as a couple, on weddings, and then he showed us his portfolio. And then he blew our minds: in the blink of an eye we moved from informal to professional.
After all, this first meeting was just like Jean-Laurent, from his participation in our D-day to his work: informal AND professional. Cool AND precise. Sensitive AND efficient. His style AND our personality.
And there you go, thanks to him, we have couple photos that look like us (except that we are even nicer). By walking around Paris, little by little, as we discussed, between 2 breaks at bars (one needs to feed me every 2 hours…), he managed to seize the unseizable, put our complicity on films… Although I thought only Jérôme and I were able to perceive this feeling. Far from a “vendor”, he played a key role in our day. And that’s probably the reason why he was so accurate in the pictures he took of us, of our families, of our guests, of the organization. His discretion rests upon immersion. So when I hear my friends complain about how long their couple’s photos took, or were too posed, or were boring, I realize how lucky we were, cause we had a lot of fun!
Now we have a great coverage of the full day, of each emotional moment, each look, each laugh, each stressful moment… And every time we look at the photos, we instantly dive in this very particular day again.
Two months after the wedding our friends still call Jean-Laurent “JL”, my grandma asks how he is doing, and all agree that our wedding was great, but that the highlight was our photographer. And Jérôme and I are pretty aligned with this analysis…
So thank you Jean-Laurent. Really.”


“We were so excited about finding a photographer who steps outside the box. We wanted something a bit more unique and personal, and in a more natural context. And what could be better than doing a photo shoot at home? The cherry on top was that we are passionate about decoration of our little nest, so it was the perfect opportunity to capture our love inside it.
From the very beginning, Jean-Laurent was super communicative. He was open to any and all ideas and was so passionate! The day of the shoot, he was calm and funny, full of ideas. He had a way of making any suggestion and idea work out perfectly. Not to mention he made the lighting work perfectly in our 1st floor courtyard apartment. He gave us no reason to feel shy or awkward, which was quite hard when we are supposed to cuddle and be kissy in front of a camera.
We didn’t see the time fly by. The photos JL took that day are magical memories and reminders of our love, in our favorite place: our home. He has a talent for making such simple moments filled with beauty pure magic.”