That’s very kind of you to stop by! I’m often being asked “why do you do photography?”… It’s always a little bit tricky to answer. I could tell you that it’s because my father was taking a lot of pictures when I was a kid, that his film cameras were the first cameras that I used, that I was always surrounded with a world of images thanks to cinema and TV… But it would be too easy to explain and justify this passion that became my job today.
I fear to forget and I think that’s how everything started. Document the instants of my own life to simply keep a trace somewhere. Remember these crazy holidays in the South of France, this memorable party with friends during the Superbowl or the first walk with my lover… Remember all these moments that punctuate life. And one day I realized that it was as pleasant to do it for others.
I’m French, based in New York, I look forward to working with you anywhere on Earth. If you want to have more information about pricing, do not hesitate to fill out my contact form and will be in touch within 24 hours.

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Every person comes with its own history, family background, love stories, sexual orientation... And I respect all of it. It is fundamental to our trustworthy and reliable relationship. It is mandatory for me to express both my creativity and capture the sincerity of who you are.

To fully express my creativity I need you to believe in me and my craft. It has a lot of influences, but is also a lot based on instincts, observation and trust to not overthink the moment.

Not only from myself, but also in the relationship I'm building all along the way with every couple. This is the key to capture who you really are as a couple, but also as human beings.