My 10-day trip to Japan between Tokyo and Kyoto is still very hard to describe. Putting words on it seems irrelevant. Not to sound cliché but it’s something you have to live and to see for yourself.
When my very good friend Michael and I decided to meet in Japan (he was flying from Belgium), we didn’t have a clear idea of what this journey would look like. We had no plan. No specific itinerary to follow, no to-do list. What we had though was a burning desire to discover this country, its culture, its people, its contradictions, and its craziness sometimes.
You can get easily overwhelmed when you arrive somewhere as unique as Tokyo or Kyoto. It forces you to slowdown, take time. And little by little you find your pace and finally appreciate what Japan has to offer.
This trip was not about photography or doing a travel guide, so I didn’t take that many photographs. The following pictures will give you a really small overview of this country. But they resonate to me, and a look at them immediately send me back there.
Japan I will visit you again for sure, and probably for a little longer.

Music : Air – Alone in Kyoto (From “Lost In Translation” soundtrack)


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