Help! My partner isn’t as involved in the wedding as I want them to be

It's natural to want your partner to be as excited about wedding planning as you are. But what if they're not?

Here are some tips to help you navigate this situation:

* Communicate openly and honestly. Talk to your partner about how you’re feeling. Let them know you’d love their input on decisions and that you value their opinion.

* Find their why. Maybe your partner isn’t into wedding traditions or feels overwhelmed by the process. Understand their perspective and find ways to make planning enjoyable for them.

* Delegate tasks that suit their interests. Does your partner love music? Let them pick the DJ. Are they a foodie? Involve them in menu planning.

* Focus on the big picture. Remind yourselves that the most important thing is getting married. Don’t get bogged down in minor details.

* Plan some fun dates together. Take a break from wedding talk and focus on reconnecting as a couple.

By working together and respecting each other’s feelings, you can still plan a wedding that you’ll both love.

With love,Caroline


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