Jean-Laurent? Never heard this first name before. Where are you from?
I’m French, born and raised in Paris. I know that my first name can be complicated to say in English so you can call me JL, it’s okay.

Where are you Located?
I left Paris in November 2014 and I’m now living in Hoboken, NJ. Only 15 minutes away from Manhattan and this charming city has for sure the best spots to enjoy NYC skyline at sunset.

Do you work outside the US?
I love to hit the road and discover new places. So going out the NY area and the US is not a problem. I already shot weddings in South Africa, Colombia, Italy, England, Ireland, Scotland, France and many more places. Wherever you plan on getting married, I’ll be ready to go.
I have already planned a few trips for 2017: New Zealand, Japan, Bahamas and Of course in the US (California, Texas, Colorado, South Carolina…).

How many photos do you deliver?
Every wedding is different, and the number of delivered pictures depends on the number of hours you booked me, but also on what will happened during the wedding day. But to give you an idea I usually deliver around 500 images. I have had weddings that have reach up to 800 images.

What is your turnaround time for wedding Photos?
You will have your picture in 4 weeks if the wedding happens in Winter or Spring time. During season peak (from May to October), turn around time is more between 6 and 8 weeks due to the high volume of work.

Do you ever work with a second photographer?
I usually work alone but in some cases I can suggest a second shooter option.

Are you doing videography too?
This is a big YES! I have a videographer associate I’m working with. This guy is amazing! So I can offer a full photography and videography coverage. If you are thinking about just let know!

Do you have Insurance?
Of course I do! My company is insured through Hill & Usher both for my gear and liability on location.

Do you shoot Film?
I’m totally in love with film photography. My first camera was my father’s Nikon FM2… I still have this camera at home.
I’m shooting film (35mm & medium format) only for travels or personal projects

We want YOU for our wedding day! How can we book you?
This is awesome! Shoot me an email at hello [at] jeanlaurentgaudy.com or fill in my contact form, with as many details as you can about your project/wedding. Then let’s meet in person and have a drink to discuss about all that, because nothing is more precious to me than meeting people in real life. Of course, if you live abroad or too far for us to meet in person we can always have a virtual coffee on Skype.